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Dungeon Inquisitor - Free Browser MMO Game

Dungeon Inquisitor is a persistent browser based game that blends social networking, puzzle solving and strategic thinking and planning, where you strive to grow you Dungeon, and your army of Dark creatures and minions to take over the world, one human prisoner at a time. I did say human prisoner. You are the bad guy with a Dungeon who will use traps and combat to obtain human prisoners that you will use for a variety of nefarious things, often with unpleasant results for said prisoners.

Prisoners are the game’s core resource, needed to do everything from building and upgrading the rooms of your dungeon, summon new creatures, and of course to trap new humans foolish enough to wander in to your Dungeon – whether through their misfortune or by your design. Instead of generic prisoners, the game takes this concept to a whole new level, assigning specific attributes (Attack, Remote, Magic, Cure, Defense and Blood) and equipment (weapons, armor and other trinkets), all of which affects game play in some fashion.

All captured prisoners can be tortured and interrogated for information, together with the equipment they were carrying, you can set a trap to snare their superiors, netting you more prisoners that will allow you to “move up” the ranks in terms of the quality of your prisoners.

Prisoners are also used in the construction and upgrading of rooms in your dungeon. Think of their contribution as the “manual labor” and “sacrificial offering” to the Dark Gods to ensure that your rooms are well built. Just be careful which prisoners you sacrifice in your construction efforts.

The quality of your prisoners becomes of crucial importance when you have broken their will and interrogated them fully. The prisoner can be used to summon a creature to serve in your army. It is the stats of the prisoner that will become the base stats of your new creature. Do not turn that Knight in to a lowly Skeleton Warrior. You want to make that Knight, a Dark Knight: Something that will have the humans soiling their trousers, next time they come to visit your Dungeon, Lord Inquisitor.

Bad guys do not work well with other bad guys and Dungeon Inquisitor reflects this as there are no guilds or clans and no way to quickly build alliances for “protection.” You have to build relationships with your fellow players, something that is going to time both time and effort as you collaborate and eventually work your way up to being allies that have to literally trust each other, player to player, that comes with the risk of being stabbed in the back when the time is right…

It’s just good to be bad isn’t it?

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