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Advanced Chatbot Platform

Chatter bot (chatbot) is a computer program which is designed to simulate an intelligent conversation with human via auditory or textual methods. Chatbots are widly used in many areas. For instance, as an online service, a chatbot can be a virtual agent to help the business owner to communicate with the customer 24 hours 7 days per week. Chatbots are also used for education and personal assistance.

In the past 10 years, several chatbots are proposed. Most of them are question/answer(Q/A) based systems. The limitation of these systems is that they can not really communicate with the users. The information in the previous part of the chat can not be remembered and used properly.

A-Bot is an advanced chatbot which is at the cutting-edge of natural language processing(NLP) technology. AI Pioneer is a NLP research focused team in order to provide a novel product and excellent service based on a strong AI system.

A-Bot can be trained for certain communication content in English. Chatbot owners can train a chatbot with little effort in a short period. Chatbot masters may add some tags to the text in order to help the system to understand the training text properly. But the tags are not necessary. With the improvement of A-Bot system, fewer and fewer tags will be needed.

A-Bot can remember the information that the visitor told it within a conversation. A-Bot can also create new knowledge based on the previous information following the reasoning rule, which make the users enjoy a chat with a smart robot with understanding..

NLP is a very difficult task. There are still limitations on the current system. For example, simpler sentences can be handled more properly. AI Pioneer will keep improving the AI engine to provide a better service.

Do you want to create a chatbot for your own? Our service is free. You can register for a new chatbot and teach him online by our knowledge management system (KMS). You may look him as a baby. A-Bot will be smarter when you teach him more knowledge and more rules.

Feel free to chat with Robert which is one of our demo chatbots, if you have any questions about chatbots and our system.

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