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Train a Unit

When we complete editing a Unit, on the View Unit page, click Train button to train the Unit to reflesh the View Unit page.

When the system is training the other Unit, the status displays as Waiting, now your training job is in the waiting queue. For a complex Unit, it takes some time in training, in the process of being trained, status displays as Training. Please reflesh the page after a period of time, until the status displays as Trained and Make Ready button appears on the left, which means that the training process has been completed and is waiting for the botmaster’s decision whether to publish it or not. If you click Make Ready button, status will turn to Ready. Now your Chatbot will use the Unit’s knowledge when your Chatbot have a conversation.

What you may pay attention to is when you train a Unit, the Rules which statuses are Ready will be included into Unit’s knowledge Database. Once a Unit’s status is set as Ready, it will be published with the rule. But the Rules which statuses are Ready after being trained won’t be included into a Unit to be published. So the correct process is to train all the Rules which will be included in the Unit, Set the Rule’s status as Make Ready, and then train the Unit.
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