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Question: Why chatbot can not deal with some Knowledge or Rule?

Answer: Artificial intelligence can’t understand all the content due to the limitation at present. The designer of Knowledge Database should design content in the understanding range of a robot. Sometimes in order to know what content can be processed by the robot, some experiments are necessary. For simple sentences, the probability of robot accurately processing it is high. It is like teaching a child. You can imagine the robot as a six-year old child.

Question: If there are two conditions in Conditions, is their relation ‘or’ or ‘and’?

Answer: Their relation is ‘and’.

Question: How to publish the chatbot that I have trained?

Answer: Copy the scripts of botmaster’s main page to the web page that will be published. The website’s user can see the corresponding chat entry on the page. See publish the chatbot on the website.

Question: is there a method of training the whole Knowledge Database once?

Answer: there isn’t one at present. You need to train each Rule at first, and then train the Unit. See Process of build knowledge base

Question: How to use the examples of xml files.

Answer: Create a new empty Unit whose name is random, then import a file of xml format in View Unit page. The Unit will contain all the xml file’s Knowledge and Rule.

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